Friday, June 22, 2012

"Graduating": Preschool

Preschool is done. I'm sad about it, and I do believe Isla is too. She struggled through the ceremony, and, while she couldn't put it into words, I knew what she was feeling. Transition is hard.

At the end of the ceremony all the "Caterpillars" (the name of her preschool class) released butterflies as a symbol of their transition to kindergarten. It was so sweet.

Oh, and Hisae, her teacher, loved her shawl!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebrating: Our Baby is Five

Isla turned five! There is a part of me that cannot believe my little bean is "school age" and heading off to Kindergarten in the Fall. She has enjoyed preschool so much and made some sweet little friends. Fingers are crossed that she has as good an experience at the Fine Arts school as her siblings.

We had a Luau for her party, mainly because I wanted to use the leftover Hawaiian themed decorations, leis, and grass skirts from a party we had for her brother when she was a newborn! She asked for ice cream sundaes instead of cake, just like Faire did, and man, that makes it easy!

But the day after her party, when the house was finally quiet (we had an adult birthday party for her Dad later in the day/evening of her birthday - yes, we are ridiculous) I decided to make a vegan dessert that we could all enjoy. And we happened to have 5 ripe strawberries in the garden, ready to hold her candles. The chocolate cake recipe I often use happens to be vegan anyway, and I made chocolate avocado mousse for the icing. Delish.

We love parties, but having a quiet birthday cake together felt much more like "us".

Happy Birthday little Bean!