Friday, May 25, 2012

Eating Vegan: Day 5

Well, we've had various detox symptoms. I was exhausted and angry on Day 3, but perked up yesterday. I thankfully haven't had any trouble cutting out eggs, meat and dairy. Jay has had some mega detox but is coming out of it now, wow! I am so proud of him for sticking with this, even after two 14 hour days on job sites with crews munching on pizza, timbits, and coffee. And I was easily able to handle a "single-parenting/school performance/dinner needs to happen immediately" scenario yesterday and felt just fine with my choices, or lack thereof. Great, actually. Sitting in a pizza place and watching your kids eat pizza,  moaning about how awesome it is while not partaking yourself is actually doable. Good to know.

I got Dreena Burton's newest cookbook in the mail so that will certainly inspire some meals. This week I've cooked a lot out of the Rebar cookbook. I love that book!

Dinner alone tonight. I promised the kids turkey burgers, but afterwards made myself Heather's easy fried rice (delicious!) and roasted sweet potatoes with orange-cilantro glaze. I was full and happy after the fact (the glass of black currant wine didn't hurt, I'm sure)

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