Saturday, February 11, 2012

Celebrating: A Decade!

A Party happened here.

It involved a disco ball.

And many giggling girls.

Faire turned TEN. This time, I really tried to Let Go. I went with the detailed list she started a month ago, with all the ideas she had for the party. I left my Martha-Stewart/Earthy-Mama meddling out of it. I bit my lip, and did as she asked, and...

It totally worked. 

Hmm, my ten year old seems to have a good idea what other girls her age would like to do...go figure.

We had a dance party in the evening, so there was no involved food prep, just a few snacks she asked for that were fairly easy to put together (and fairly healthy to boot!), and she didn't want cake, only ice cream sundaes, so once I snuck in some organic, homemade topping choices (made the day before), I was happy and she was happy.

Perhaps I should try to remember this next year.

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